What to do when your car overheats

What to do when your car overheats

March 28, 2021
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Overheating occurs when the heat cannot escape from the engine; this can be due to the malfunctioning engine cooling system. This may be due to some debris, contamination or a leak in the cooling system. This was what overheating is, but our concern is that what to do when it happens. Read this completed article to educate yourself about what to when your car overheats.

Turn off Air-cooler

The first thing to do when your car starts overheating is to turn off Air cooling system. Because it takes off a lot of load from the engine when AC is turned off. This reduced load allows the engine to make less heat which, in turn, helps in cooling of the engine. If turn off AC alone doesn’t help much, another way is to turn on the heater instead. This sounds odd but is a very logical approach as by turning on the heater, the heat is transferred from the engine to the cabin.


Pullover the car

If your car keeps on overheating continuously, then you better stop driving and pull over to aside. This takes offload from the already overheated engine to power the car to run and move it. After pulling over the car, inspect it to see what the issue with the car is. But make sure that you do not open the hood of the car until it has completely cooled down, be patient while doing this task.


Check the radiator

To understand what is the basic reason for overheating the car, you will need to check the radiator of the car. Always wait for the radiator to once cool down, and even after cooling down from outside, open it with a wet towel because metal can still be hot which can burn your hands. Stand from a distance, because hot water may rush outside in the form of steam on opening. After opening, check the level of coolant in the radiator; if less, fill it to the top. Also make sure that none of the hoses of the heater are loose, broken or cracked. Restart your car and check the temperature gauge, it must cross the optimal mark.


Get help from a professional

Although doing the above steps can make your car temporarily stable enough to drive. But it’s not completely alright because the fundamental issue due to car overheated in the first place is there. So, after once getting your car restarted, you better drive it straight to get professional help.


Its better not to delay getting your car fixed, because overlooking temporary issues can become permanent in the future. So, keep the points told in this article to always help yourself in the situation when your car overheats; but after self-help, don’t forget to get professional help.

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