One of the most important parts of your vehicle that must always be kept in top working condition is the braking system because an efficient braking system does not only imply that the vehicle is in good condition, but also guarantees that the driver stays in good condition in case of any mishappening during the trip. Now, this being clear that the braking system must be kept in good condition, the question arises how will you know that the brakes have worn out and need to be replaced? To find the answer to this question in detail, read the following points written to completely guide you about the condition of the brakes.

Brakes giving Unusual Sound

The very first sign that shows that there is something not normal is them giving an unusual sound. This can be easily observed by you because the driver is very used to the sound of the car that he drives daily. The squeaky sound alarms that there is some abnormality in the covered parts of the braking system. This noise can be due to one of few reasons; might be due to scrapping of metal with another metal surface, or due to rust in the braking system. Any might be the reason for the noise, but the consequence is only one, that you need a car break change.


Reduced Effectiveness of Brakes

When you start feeling a little lag between the time you press the brakes and the application of the brake, then you must know that brakes have reduced effectiveness. This is usually due to the leakage or contamination of brake fluid from the braking system. So, if you feel that your car has starting to take longer to stop when you apply breaks, it’s not just your notion, but that is a problem with your brakes that must be resolved as soon as possible.


Worn-out Brake Pads

The most authentic and visually observable method to know the condition of brakes by seeing the thickness of brake pads. You can see your brake pads by looking between the spokes of wheels; the pads are usually pressed against the rotor. Now measure the thickness of the pads with a gauge, if they are more than ¼-or-more of an inch, then they are good to go, if they are less than that, then you need to change the brakes to save yourself from not-very-good consequences.


Uneven Brakes

If your car pulls to one side when brakes are applied it means that one of the brakes has some issue, it might be some contamination in its brake fluid, rust, or even breaking. This can lead to serious problems especially when brakes are applied abruptly in high traffic.


Best time to change the Brakes

The best time to change the breaks is when you observe even the slight abnormality in their normal functioning because brakes are one of the most vital parts of the vehicle that ensures the safety of the vehicle as well as the driver. So, keep the status of your brakes in check by keeping all the above points in mind and do not delay car break change when needed.

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