How often you need to change your brake fluid for your European Car

How often you need to change your brake fluid for your European Car

March 27, 2021
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Being the responsible European car owner that you are, it should maintain your car in its finest condition. If there are questions in your mind regarding whether you should change brake fluid for your European car or not, then we are here to answer all of your questions. We shall also guide you on why, when and how to change brake fluid, with our complete brake change fluid guide. What makes brake fluid so important is its vitality is bringing about the stopping of the vehicle when brakes are applied. This fluid must be changed after a period of usage for optimum functioning of the brakes. The question is when, and how do we know when is the right time to change the brake fluid.

Continue reading this brake fluid guide to learn more about expert European car maintenance:


Why do You need a car to Change brake Fluid?

The brake systems in vehicles are not totally sealed, and hence the moister from the environment can enter the brake fluid. The brake fluid is incompressible, when brakes are applied it makes the vehicle halt without any delay due to itself, but as the level of moisture increases in the fluid gradually, it starts to boil. As it boils, the moister changes into vapors and leaves a space that is felt by the driver as a squishy lull when he presses the brakes. It reduces the efficiency of the braking system, as brake fluid then needs more time in bringing the vehicle to halt. Hence, it is best to keep the quality of the brake fluid in check and be changed when needed.


Types of Brake fluid

There are three types of brake fluids available in the market today, D.O.T 3, D.O.T 4, and D.O.T 5. Commonly used by consumers are 3 and 5 because they are more easily available. But now D.O.T 5 is also available widely now, plus it also has an advantage over the others, that it does not corrode paint.


How To Determine the Time To Change Brake Fluid?

What most car experts suggest is that brake oil should be changed after every two years, but this can change from region to region. If you live in area with higher humidity in the air, then brake fluid can contaminate relatively quickly. The quality must be kept in check by regularly checking the contamination levels. You can check that yourself through the brake fluid reservoir. Its color is clear in the start, light brown means its good condition, while dark brown and murky in color shows that you need car brake fluid change now.


Benefits of Brake Fluid Change

  • Proper functioning of the car braking system
  • Smoother car brakes and better driving experience
  • Does not lag due to the presence of water as contamination
  • Prevent car malfunctions by maintaining a car braking system


Book a Professional Brake Fluid Check Now

Although it is quite easy for you to check the contamination level in brake fluid yourself, it’s always better if the task is done by the experts. At FritzAndPeters Oakland Auto Repair, we are offering expert European car maintenance, Brake fluid level check and replacement to offer you a smoother braking experience.

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