Why you shouldn’t ignore your warning lights

Why you shouldn’t ignore your warning lights

March 28, 2021
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Vehicles have changed from when they were invented to today. They used to be just a metal box with tires and an engine that takes you from one place to another. Today, they are complex modern cars integrated with computers and a large number of sensors and monitors. These technological advancements demand an increase in understanding of the user too, otherwise, these are just a wastage of resources. You must have noticed a lot of different car warning lights blinking on your dashboard. In this article, we will explain what those lights stand for, and why you should not ignore them.

What do warning lights appear for?

The warning lights appear to inform the driver that there is some malfunction in the car. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to get your hands dirty to know what the light is hinting at. Because the light icon itself tells about the part that has a problem. Now to trace the problem, one must know light icons and what do they stand for. Normally there are two types of warning lights.

  1. Those that remind us of the shortage of necessary fluid or air in the tires.
  2. Those that warn us about some problem in any part of the car.


Reminder lights

These are more reminder lights than warning lights because even ignoring those does not necessarily lead to unfortunate results. These include reminders of things when

  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Door not closed properly
  • Low fuel in the tank
  • Low or high pressure in tires
  • Engine oil needs to be changed


Not giving heed to these reminders exactly as they appear may not stop the car, but it will affect the efficiency of the car in long term working. So, it is always wiser to keep all parts of the car fixed with time, than to replace them when the issue becomes irreversible.


Warning lights

Warning lights signify that there is a problem with some vital part of the car. These signs should not be ignored at all, ignoring this will cost much more than it will cost by fixing them as soon as they appear. The warning lights appear when

  • There is a problem with the engine of the car
  • Extreme increase in transmission temperature
  • Brake fluid warning lights

Warning lights do not appear until there is a very serious issue with the car that needs to get resolved immediately and necessarily. So, it is always to give due heed to these warning lights.


Get your car fixed as soon as possible

Ignoring these warning lights leads to very unwelcoming consequences. Not giving a need to these signs costs much more money and time than you save by ignoring those. This is exactly why you should not ignore your car warning lights, and head out straight to the mechanic whenever these lights appear.

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