You must have sometimes smelled something weird in your car. Sometimes it goes away on its own, but sometimes it does not. And for those times, you must make it go away yourself. For that purpose, you will need to know the cause of that smell, and what you need to do to cast it away. To educate yourself of all these questions, keep reading this informative article about what causes strange smells in the car cabin.

Hidden smell sources

Normally, the source of the smell is not some fault in the engine of the car. Rather it is some old rotten food you had forgotten in the car or some dirty socks. These foul articles make their way to inaccessible linings of the cabin where they hide visually but certainly hidden from your olfactory receptors. To get rid of these, simply thoroughly search the whole cabin, and get rid of these, and the foul smell.


Mildew like smell

If you smell something similar to that smell of mildew. then it’s probably some molds growing on the AC. They might have grown due to the damp condition of the air. This smell will increase whenever the AC is turned on. To avoid such conditions, use your AC regularly, even if you don’t need it. A standstill moister in AC makes it easier for molds to grow.


The fruity smell from the car

The fruity smell coming from the car is usually from the engine. This signs that there is a coolant leaking from the car cooling system. There may be any reason for this leakage, this might be due to some accident in the past, or some havoc, or simply due to rust and wreckage. The reason might be any, the outcome is the same, which is a strange smell. To get rid of this, you will need to change your cooling system, repairing it alone will leave space for a strange smell.


The smell of exhaust gases

If there is the smell of exhaust gases in the cabin, this is the most dangerous situation of all. Because exhaust gases contain some very dangerous gases like carbon monoxide which are very dangerous for humans. Long exposure to it can even lead to death. This smell might be due to leakage of pipes, or mild blockage of the exhaust pipe. Get yourself out of reach of that smell as soon as possible, and get your car fixed by a mechanic.


Eliminate these smells from the car

After knowing all these causes of smells in the car cabin, the fundamental question is why is it so dangerous. These smells are dangerous because they are in a cabin out of their natural way, and anything unnatural in natural places is dangerous. These smells are not only dangerous for your car but also for yourself. So you better not ignore these, and get this strange smell in your car cabin cast away to secure yourself and your car.

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