Tire Services

Oakland Tire Service

At Fritz and Peters, Inc., we offer tire services to Oakland and its surrounding neighborhoods. As a premier auto repair shop in Oakland, we make sure to have the latest equipment and tools to ensure your vehicle’s safety. On top of our tire services, we are a full service Oakland auto repair shop. Please give us a call or contact us for any inquiries.

Tires are a critical piece of your auto. Tires are in charge of directing the exertion of driving, controlling, and braking to the surface of the street. Despite the fact that tires are anything but difficult to safeguard, they are in some cases ignored. Consistent support and examination is indispensable for getting a large portion of your tires by expanding tread wear and mileage. At Fritz and Peters, Inc., our staff and specialists can help you comprehend tire sidewall markings, illuminate you of the best time to purchase another arrangement of tires, and demonstrate to you industry standards to pick the right arrangement of tires for your auto. Some of the things we inspect include the following:

  • Tire wear
  • Tire pressure
  • Tire rotation
  • Tire inflation

Have any more questions about Tire Service? Fritz and Peters, Inc. provides Tire Service. For any further questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment over the phone, please call: 510-444-3224