As a responsible European car owner, European car maintenance shall be among your topmost priorities. If you are wondering whether you should or should not change the transmission fluid of the car, our complete transmission fluid guide is here to resolve all types of myths and confusions for you. In Oakland, Canada, European car maintenance is a bit more demanding than in other regions. Out of the many fluids that run in your car, one most important fluid is the transmission fluid. Since all auto experts agree on the fact that you should change the transmission fluid of your car, the real debate lies in when to and how often you need to change the transmission fluid of your European car living in Oakland California.

Continue reading this transmission fluid guide to learn more about expert European car maintenance:

Why do You need To Change Transmission Fluid?

Over the period of use, your vital automotive fluids, including the transmission fluid, deteriorates gradually. Hard-use vehicles that deal with frequent heavy-duty stop-n-go or hauling tasks on the busy roads tend to have a faster rate of transmission fluid deterioration. The main reason behind this issue is the frequent heating and cooling of the transmission fluid over the period of use. Since the transmission fluid serves the role of oil lubricant and a hydraulic to assist gear shifts and smoothen out the moving parts, it is important to pay just as much attention to transmission fluid maintenance as you would pay to engine oil. Similarly, transmission fluid requires frequent checking if you drive under high-stress conditions.


Forms of Transmission Fluid

Usually, the transmission fluid has a rustic red color. Over the time being, it can become darker and thicker in shade and consistency respectively. You may also notice a burnt odor coming off the transmission fluid – which is an indicator of underlying mechanical problems in the transmission fluid.


How To Determine the Time To Change Transmission Fluid?

Although many auto manufacturers recommend transmission fluid change after 100,000 mils and even 150,000 miles for Ford, the European car maintenance experts suggest that it is not ideal to follow these guidelines. So, can you do? How often shall you check and change the transmission fluid? Expert car mechanics recommend that you change the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles or 30 months. It also means that you will need to follow a stricter European car maintenance schedule and change transmission fluid frequently if you drive the vehicle in mountainous areas.


Benefits of Transmission Fluid Change

  • Proper lubrication of car and engine parts
  • Smoother car performance and better driving experience
  • Prevent parts friction to avoid overheating of the vehicle
  • Prevent car malfunctions by properly lubricating car parts


Book a Professional Transmission Fluid Check-in Oakland California

Although it is quite simple to check the transmission fluid in European cars, you shall leave the job to the experts. At FritzAndPeters Oakland Auto Repair, we are offering expert European car maintenance, transmission fluid level check and replacement to offer you a smoother riding experience. Book a transmission fluid check or replacement here.