Joe gives you an honest evaluation of repairs that are needed.

4.5 Fritz and Peters Inc 2/16/2018

As always, the mechanics at F&P found the problems and fixed them. (I have relied on F&P for over 30 years.) Really great service!

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 2/14/2018

Always helpful, honest, and efficient. One of the best mechanics by far!

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 2/7/2018

Fritz & Peters does quality work at reasonable costs. It’s nice to have someone who helps take care of our old car. Joe and his team are top notch.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 1/31/2018

We feel confident that Joe does only what's needed and that it's done right. Good prices too!

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 1/29/2018

Straight forward, great service at a reasonable price. Have been a customer there for over 10 years

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 1/23/2018

Joe and his team have been my mechanics ever since Oakland Audi referred me to them years ago - and I'm so happy they did - I love them! Joe is a pleasure to deal with, and always calls with an estimate before starting anything - he's clear, concise, and fair - he even tells me when something can "wait" till next time. Any time I have a "small" issue (headlight or fuse replacement as examples) I just pop in and they fix it while I wait - FREE OF CHARGE!! I never thought I'd ever review/recommend a mechanic, but Fritz & Peters has been that good to me over the years...I just had to!

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 1/19/2018

Serive is fast, never ask for more than estimate without calling first to confirm I want the work done, and never had to take the car back because the issue was unresolved.

4.5 Fritz and Peters Inc 1/16/2018

Really appreciated that they were able to work on my car while I waited. The garage was completely full of vehicles waiting for repair.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 1/8/2018

Excellent service on my 2002 Mercedes ML. Hung and Joe have kept it running smoothly for 173,000 miles, at rates way less than the dealer.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 12/15/2017