Fritz and Peter's has been maintaining my cars for more than 30 years. They are reliable, fair, fast, friendly, and thorough. What else could you ask for?

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 12/11/2017

As always masters of German automobile repairs. They might charge a little more than some shops but because of their expertise they don't take as long to fix an item. If you have a VW, Audi or Mercedes this is the place to take your car.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 12/9/2017

I had my brakes replaced at another shop who gave me my car back with three sensors going off on my dash. They said they weren't sure what was wrong. I took my car to Fritz and Peters and they found the problem right away. The shop that did my brakes also broke my ABS sensor while doing the maintenance. With a fixed car and the advice I got from F&P I went back to the other shop who then refunded my money in full. Thank you F & P.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 12/6/2017

I have brought my beetle here for as long as I've had it and Joe and his team have taken excellent care of it. It's always in and out quickly and I am always happy with his work.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 11/16/2017

Great service and knowledge of VWs. Simple explanations and honest answers. I will be back when I need my Eurovan serviced.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 11/14/2017

Joe manages to keep our ‘86 Westy in fine form as well as our ‘09 Rabbit and ‘12 Fiat. He is thorough and really skilled at diagnosing problems. He also has the maturity to tell us when we have to take it somewhere else (Fiat only). Thanks to Joe and his coworkers we have 3 reliable cars.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 11/14/2017

Nearly all other mechanics refuse to work with my 1982 Diesel VW Vanagon, but Fritz and Peters have always been there to help. The quality of work done on my van and the customer service at Fritz and Peters are both excellent.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 11/7/2017

Very professional and efficient. Takes away the fear of going to the auto mechanic.

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 11/1/2017

Excellence for decades!

5 Fritz and Peters Inc 10/31/2017

In working with other mechanics I often left them feeling confused and sometimes feeling ripped off. A female, co-worker introduced me to Fritz and Peters and I have now been with them for 12-years. The work is explained in terms that I understand as a non-gearhead, the prices are explained before the work is done, and completed in a timely manner. Highly recommend. Only wish they had weekend hours.

4.5 Fritz and Peters Inc 10/18/2017